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Welcome to:                                   ACT   ELECTRONICS

                                                           Established in 1963.
                                                           Dedicated in providing high quality sales and repairs of GRUNDIG/ ETON radios and other brands, audio players and recorders.

                                                           Contact informations:

                                                           2270 Grand Ave.

                                                           Long  Beach, CA 90815

                                                           Phone nr.:  562-597-9197

                                                           email: actelectronics@verizon.net



                                              All sales final, no exceptions.

    GRUNDIG radio repairs:                 ETON repairs:

    Satellit 500    Satellit 2100               E 1

    Satellit 600    Satellit 2400               E10       E100

    Satellit 650    Satellit 3400

    Satellit 700    Transistor 4000         GS350DL 

    Satellit 800    Transistor 5000         G4000A

    Satellit 1000   RR940

    Satellit 1400    RR1140

    Classic 960     FINE ARTS

    And any other GRUNDIG radios with tubes or transistors.

    Cosmopolit, Yacht Boy and Traveller all models.

    Blaupunkt                               Telefunken

    Nordmende                             Saba

    Zenith Transoceanic

   We also repair:

   Antique radios.


  We will provide a quote-subject to inspection.


GRUNDIG/ ETON and ANTIQUE radios, quality repairs